How to easily create Landing Pages on WordPress?

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Create landing Pages on wordpress

The Landing Page is basically designed to represent a scenario where the visitor accesses your WordPress website and lands on that specific page , making it the entry point to your website.

In most cases, this is getting them to subscribe to a newsletter, click on a specific link / button , buy a product or take some action related to Social Media.

In other words, the goal is to take that new visitor and immediately submit them to a marketing process on your WordPress site. I will guide you to easily create landing pages on WordPress.

What makes Landing Pages interesting?

Of course, it is not necessary to have a landing page in order to convince your visitors. You can do this from any type of page that can be built on your WordPress site. The difference, however, is that a landing page (if executed correctly) will always deliver better results , due to its single-purpose nature, as opposed to a standard landing page typically designed in such a way as to present different information.

This is because every element on a landing page should reinforce the main purpose of the page and get the visitor to take a specific action on your website.

To summarize, the elements that make a good Landing Page on WordPress are as follows:

  • Simple page structure
  • No sidebar on your Landing Page, it can distract the user.
  • No footer

The essentials of a successful landing page | Create landing pages on wordpress

Even if all the Landing Pages are different, there are still some elements that inevitably appear there.

A Landing Page does not have a navigation bar or a footer . The goal of this page is to keep your visitor on it, without distracting them from the rest of the site, to push them to fill out your form or click on your call to action.

A landing page also puts forward a clearly stated value proposition . In the form of blocks of text, and possibly tables presenting your prices, you explain to your visitors what is key if they fill out your form or buy your offer.

Create your Landing Page with a WordPress plugin

Generally, if there is a need in WordPress, you can be sure that there is also a plugin that will solve your problem.

This is the case for Landing Pages: there are many extensions that pride themselves on helping you design them easily.

  • The advantages of plugins for Landing Pages
  • This is a simple method . You simply let the plugin take care of the different characteristics of the page, offering you more or less interesting templates, and already optimized for conversion.
  • We appreciate, in some plugins, fairly advanced features . This is the case with those who offer sales funnels and integrated emailing solutions. Thus, you manage everything from the same extension, which makes your job easier, and allows you to focus on the performance of your page.

The points of attention of this method

Depending on the plugin chosen, you will have more or less leeway on the design of your page . Hence the interest in choosing your Landing Page plugin with care, by protecting yourself from those who will lock you into a graphic charter that does not suit your needs.

3 plugins that generate good Landing Pages

  • WordPress Landing Page
    WordPress Landing Page is a free plugin. Several templates are available within it, allowing you to design your page. The administration of this plugin is simple and allows you to have detailed conversion statistics of your page. In addition, another strong point of this plugin is the possibility of creating an A / B Testing . Indeed, thanks to this possibility, you can create two different landing pages in order to test which one works best.
  • Instabuilder
    InstaBuilder is paid for at a price of 77 dollars. It has 100 Landing Page themes that you can quickly customize by simply dragging and dropping . Just like WordPress Landing Page, it allows you to have detailed conversion statistics of your page.
  • OptimizePress
    The last one I offer you is OptimizePress . This plugin is paid for $ 97, however it has over 300 templates . Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows you to create your page in a few minutes by dragging and dropping your elements onto it. You can have access to a lot of data with this plugin including statistics and A / B Testing page creation.

Create your WordPress Landing Page with a specific theme

Come on, let’s go to the second option available to you: selecting a WordPress theme including a Landing Page template that kicks you off.

  • The advantages of specific Landing Pages themes
  • The theme you choose is ready to use , which significantly speeds up the creation of your page.
  • The pages generated by the theme are designed for conversion , and directly implement the best practices for a well-crafted page.

  • The points of attention of this method
  • Your theme will govern your entire site.
  • So be careful: the moment you change the theme, your Landing Pages will jump!
  • This solution can nevertheless be interesting if you launch your site at the same time as your Landing Page, or if you want to do a complete overhaul.
  • To obtain a personalized result, you will need to know how to tweak your theme a little .

2 WordPress themes that offer good Landing Pages

Pillar: a $ 59 theme. With more than 110 pre-designed Landing Pages templates you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

Its modern, sleek design is easily customizable, since it includes the Visual Composer page builder .

Suitable for WooCommerce as well as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, it is genuinely suitable for conversion and gives satisfactory results.

Leadinjection : a $ 39 theme. Here is a name that immediately announces the color: it is a theme specifically created for sites that want to generate leads via Landing Pages.

We are not disappointed by the many different types of pages, suitable for all needs.

It also embeds Visual Composer, and is WooCommerce compatible. His little extra? The Lead Modal feature, which allows you to integrate a form pop-up into your Landing Page. Not bad, to hold the attention of its visitors, and make them want to be converted.

Create your landing page with a page builder

Ultimately, a Landing Page is nothing more than a particular type of page. Nothing that a page builder cannot prevent you from achieving, more or less efficiently, and with more or less ease. With a visual interface, often drag and drop, you arrange the elements of your page as you want.

The advantages of a page builder to create your Landing Page

  • This is also an easy method , especially for novices who have no particular appetite for HTML or CSS. With a page builder, you are in control of your page design from A to Z.
  • You can activate a page builder on any theme , without affecting the design, unlike the previous method.

4 page builders to create good WordPress landing pages

Elementor: ($ 49 paid version for one site). With over 700,000 active installs, it is one of the go-to page builders. This is an ideal page builder to create your Landing Pages. Its developers regularly update a large library of free and paid templates, where you will easily find landing pages that will please you.

Thanks to its great maneuverability, Elementor will then easily allow you to customize them to your liking. We also particularly appreciate the functionality that allows you to save a page as a reusable template. Something to satisfy those who have several Landing Pages to create on the same site.

Thrive Architect: ($ 67 for one site). With its 200 Landing Pages templates , no doubt: this page builder has everything you need to help you design these key pages.

The Thrive Themes team’s page builder also connects with all the services that could be used to convert your visitors: Mailpoet, Active Campaign, MailChimp, SendinBlue …

We also note the functionality of A / B testing, which is managed directly in the interface of the plugin.

Divi Builder: ($ 89 per year). We no longer present this page builder, which has attracted more than one WordPress user.

Its advantage for the creation of your Landing Pages, apart from its simplicity and intuitiveness? The “Divi Landing Page Layout Kit” , downloadable for free, which adds to the basic modules everything you need to create a powerful page.

If you take a tour of the Divi template library , you will also find a wide choice of models to start with, to save you time.

Beaver Builder: ($ 99 for the standard version). Perhaps you know the most famous little beaver in the WordPress universe?

Among the templates that the page builder makes available, you will find some to start the creation of your Landing Pages . It also allows you to save personalized page templates, to be duplicated wherever you want on your site.

It pairs perfectly with all the plugins needed to create and optimize your Landing Pages, such as those to create your download forms or to manage the emails you send to your leads.

So which method to choose?

And there you have it, you now know the 3 possibilities at your disposal to get started in designing well-oiled landing pages for converting your visitors into subscribers or customers.

But finally, how to choose between these 3 options?

Those who need to quickly create a Landing Page on a site already online will prefer the fact of using a plugin dedicated to this. A turnkey solution that will be perfect for beginners on WordPress as well as developers who want to quickly deliver their project.

Those who want to redesign their current site, to turn it into a real machine to convert visitors will choose a specific WordPress theme.
Lovers of inbound marketing or content marketing: this is a solution made for you!
Those who want to keep control, in total autonomy, on the design of their Landing Page will rather go to a page builder.

A simple and very visual method, to finely customize the appearance of your pages without touching the code.
And you, have you set up Landing Pages on your WordPress site? How do you promote your offers there?

So show us your examples in the comments: the Marmite team is always happy to watch your creations!

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